I Love Spring..Because I Can Get Outside and Strip and Paint

Get your head out of the gutter. Geez. Perverts.  I mean strip paint off of furniture, of course.  I don’t actually go outside and get naked and spray paint.  Can you imagine what the neighbors would think?  They already have ideas about me.

Here are a few things that I have spray painted.  I can not get enough of flat white and Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.  Not in the same piece…yet.

Upcycled Objects with Looking Glass Paint and White

As far as the Looking Glass Spray Paint goes, I have found that the smoother and shinier the surface is to begin with(the skull planter above), the more mirror-like finish you can achieve.  If it is a duller finish you will just get a semi-sparkly, gray color. Here is a dog that I primed black before spraying it:

Dog Upcycled with Looking Glass Spray Paint


Looks kind of like pewter. Right?

What are you looking forward to doing now that it’s spring?  Anything you have been waiting all winter to do? Anything you can’t wait to paint or strip?  What have been your experiences with Looking Glass Spray Paint?  Upcycled anything unique?

Oooh… I’ve seen a few garage sales already!!


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    1. I know, right? I had to do a double take and make sure I wasn’t on my own blog somehow. It’s suppose to rain all week here, so I won’t be getting much painting done. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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