How to Update Your Curtains in 15 minutes or Less

Here is a cheap and easy update for your curtains.

I started with white Ikea Vivan curtains, Hugad rods, Betydlig brackets and the plain black finials.  It looked like this:

Ikea Vivan on Rod Bedroom

Definitley leaving something to be desired, besides finishing painting the wall.  Looks pretty white trashy, actually.

The closest Ikea is over 100 miles away or at least a 2 hour drive, so I have to order everything online.  I ordered the Syrlig curtain rings and clips and picked up some Mainstays curtain hooks at WalMart.

Easy to update curtains with these rings and clips

Mainstays Curtain Hooks

I used the Syrlig rings and clips in the nursery(in case she ever tried to pull on the panels they would just slip out of the clips) and the Vivan panels and I love how it turned out.  I hang my curtains high and wide, at least 10 inches out from the frame and as close to the ceiling as I can get it.  The cordless bamboo roman blinds/shades on both windows are from JCPenney.

Orange and Gray Nursery Window Treatment Glidden Polished Pewter Wall Color

Then, it looked like this for a little while:

Upgraded Curtain Torn Down

My cats insist that I can’t have anything nice.  Gotta love pets!

After attaching the curtain hooks and curtain rings(and finishing painting the wall) my window looks like this:

White curtains with rings bamboo roman blinds

White curtains bamboo blinds

Pretty schnazzy, huh? Much more professional looking! Have you done any window treatment updates lately?  Do you have cats that trash everything in their path?  Is the closest Ikea 2 hours away from you?

Everybody loves a before and after:

white curtains on rod and rings before and after



What do you think?

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