Dining Room Light Update and Some Inspiration

I started with this:

Basic Builder Boob Light


Now I have this amazingly, affordable Tom Dixon knock off in my dining room:

Affordable Updated Light Tom Dixon Beat Knockoff Easy Light Update for Dining Room Tom Dixon Beat Knockoff


An awesome find on Ebay for $60 and free shipping! YES, that is what all of the windows in the house look like.  They all came with vinyl mini blinds.  I have only replaced the bedroom window treatments.  Sadly, my walls are still builder grade, antique white, but not for long!

I have a vision for my dining room and that light is just the beginning!  I love a little sumthin, sumthin in each one of these:

I realize that last one is very different from the other two, but I love the funky vibe of it.

What inspires you?  Have you updated any light fixtures?



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