Scandinavian Teak Chairs

Trolling Craigslist in Northern Minnesota

Presented for your amusement, a sample of Craigslist in the Brainerd area:

These are listed for $100 for all 4 and could include the table for free. I’m buying them though, so back off! My boyfriend doesn’t know yet, and won’t be happy, but he will learn to love them, because it’s happening.  They will need some love, but well worth the time and money.  IMO.  Future post in the making.
Scandinavian Teak Chairs

For $10, there is something so charming about this magazine rack/end table…so retro and almost atomic.  Leave it white or paint it a funky color.  A metallic antique brass would class it up.  At that price you can’t lose

mid century atomic magazine rack/stand

This is a simple desk you could customize anyway you please.  For $75, it’s well built.3 drawer mid century desk

$200 for this beauty.  The hardware is unique and classic and it has great legs.  I couldn’t afford it, but I already have an awesome desk.

6 drawer mid century desk

These would make great head chairs in the dining room or extra seating in the living room.  $100 for the pair is a little steep for me, but you could leave them as is.

Leather and wood arm chairs

This beauty is begging to be transformed into a campaign style dresser!  For $75 it’ll be easy to afford the hardware and hard to pass up!9 drawer mid century dresser

This is beautiful and has a Hollywood Regency vibe to it.  At $120, I’d take it home, if I had room.

Hollywood Regency Hutch

I obviously have a thing for dressers and desks, and at $295 this one is out of my price range, but ya gotta love that hardware.

6 drawer mid century desk

This is tempting and could be transformed in so many ways…think of all those Ikea Rast hacks and apply your favorite to this guy for $160

9 drawer dresser

These two, for $75 each, could use some love, but have major potential

blue velvet antique tufted chairgold velvet antique rocking chair

For $99 I might have to snatch this unique, retro lamp up

vintage brass 5 arm spider lamp

This dresser for $150 is just GOOD!  Be careful how you style it, it could go grandma real quick.

antique 4 drawer dresser with mirror

I am tempted to buy these for $170 if the Scandinavian Teak set is swooped up by someone else.  The table is a little ornate for my style, but the chairs are fabulous, simple, and have a danish modern feel to them!

antique dining set

I guess I have dining-set-on-the-brain, because this vintage set is so tropical-palm-springy for $75

vintage rattan dining set

Last dining room set, I promise!  This bamboo set is simple and sleek, but at $1200 will never be mine.

modern bamboo dining set

One more desk…$75…love those legs!!

6 drawer mid century desk

Orange chairs? Yes, please!  $40

vintage orange chairs

This Red leather sectional has simple, clean lines, and tufting and could be so good in the right mid century influenced room.  Don’t go all ’80s black lacquer and gold accents and you’ll be good! This baby needs to be the star. Keep it simple. $600

red leather sectional

This hutch and table and chairs have clean lines, but at $800 they will never live in my house. Boo

oak dining hutchdining room set

Surprised?  Did you think northern Minnesota would be all log furniture, dead animals and antiques?

Trust me, there is plenty of log furniture and antiques, but there is quite the variety of other styles as well.

If I had a garage, basement and attic I would buy a LOT more furniture, but alas, I must leave most of these pieces to other admirers.  I hope they all get good homes.

What is the Craigslist like in your area?  Pleasantly surprised or boringly predictable?  Lotsa overpriced junk or unbelievable deals?







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