How to Hang a Ceiling Medallion

OR..How to beef up a too small light fixture

First I started with this:

Basic Builder Light
Then I bought a tin-punch 4 arm chandelier from Ebay, for ~$25, that I painted with Rustoleum Metallic in Antique Brass.  I also had to rewire the light sockets, but that’s a post for another day.

So then it looked like this:

It’s just too small for the room.  Way. Too. Small.  It doesn’t make the statement  I NEED it to.

Enter Ceiling Medallion!!

I got my ceiling medallion at Fleet Farm in the lighting section(of course). It’s the Westinghouse 18″ Square Parisian Scroll.  It was on sale for $7. Couldn’t pass it up. Here it is at Home Depot.   I painted it the same color(Benjamin Moore Dark Teal) as my ceiling so it would just be a different texture and not steal the show.  You’ll want to paint it first.  Trust me.  You do not want to be painting all those little scrolls and swirls above your head.  I did 3 coats, plus touch ups, because it is such a deep color.

You’ll need to take the existing light fixture down. Obvs.  Make sure you turn off the breaker!

You’ll need these:

Tools to Hang Ceiling Medallion

Construction Adhesive, Caulk Gun, Painters Tape


Then you’ll want to add the adhesive in a 1/4 inch bead in a zig-zag pattern, on the back, where ever there is space.  There weren’t a whole lotta wide parts on mine to add adhesive to, so I had to put it in the middle, and wherever there was room, so it wouldn’t ooze out between the details and around the edge, but if you can, definitely put it around the edge.  Keep a wet paper towel handy to wipe off the adhesive that seeps out while it is still wet. Please.  (I didn’t, and now I pray that it is paintable. Big mess).

A second set of hands and eyes will help when you install it.  Hold it in place for a little bit. The adhesive gives you some time to work with it, so you can kinda slide it around to get it just where you want it.  Then apply some painters tape to hold it in place while you re-install the light fixture(I’m not going to go over how to hard wire a light;  When I need a refresher I go here).  The canopy of the light fixture should hold it in place now, but I still left my tape in place because my medallion bowed and is warped so it doesn’t lay flat against the ceiling(maybe that’s why it was so cheap?).  I know. Fantabulous.


Now, I have to add screws to join it to the ceiling where it is warped and bowed.  If yours lies flat against the ceiling or you don’t think it needs extra support  you can skip to #4(caulking).

Ceiling Medallion Secured to Ceiling

  1. Gather your tools.  You’ll need a drill, screws and screwdriver.  I just used six screws I had that were long enough and all the same .
  2. Pre-Drill holes where you will be inserting screws.
  3. Insert screws
  4. Use paintable caulk in a caulk gun.  Cut the tip at a 45 degree angle
  5. Use the caulk to fill screw holes until level with surface of medallion and to fill the gap between the medallion and ceiling so it looks like part of the ceiling and not like something just glued on.
  6. Paint over the caulk and do any touch ups necessary.  Viola! Done.

Now lets look at some pics of the light fixture without and with the medallion:

Before and After Ceiling Medallion Benjamin Moore Dark Teal


Very Nice!!

Have you installed any ceiling medallions lately?  Hate it? Love it?  Going to try it on your own light fixture?  Can you believe how different the paint color looks when I use Auto Adjust in PicMonkey versus when I didn’t use it? Crazy

Thanks for stopping by~

Love Candy





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