My Name is Candy and I am a Procrastinator

**::WARNING::** This is a wordy post devoid of pictures**

So, between the rain and the mosquitoes I haven’t gotten a whole lot of anything done.  I’ve had plenty of time to see what the big bloggers are up to.  I was reading about Kristi, at Addicted2Decorating, and her amazing kitchen build(if you don’t read her, you should start), and she mentioned Jackie from Teal and Lime, and a post she had done about why she quit DIY.    She talked about doing projects just to have blog content and that she didn’t enjoy it anymore.  It made me think about why I started this blog.

I am hoping that by starting this blog it will hold me accountable, conquer my tendency to procrastinate , and encourage me to take action and do all these projects I have in my head and planned for my home.  Not only will I feel obligated because I’m actually “saying” it out loud for other people to witness, but the blog creates a necessity for these projects to be completed so I have post material.  I am going to try to not get caught up in creating projects just to have something to write about.  I have enough that needs to get done without creating more work.

I also want to connect with people who are as passionate and interested in decorating, design and DIY as I am.  I am sometimes indecisive or get blocked and would like someone to bounce ideas off of, a second opinion or voice of reasoning.  People to inspire me and keep me going.  Maybe we can encourage each other or talk about our individual experiences.

Up until I closed on my house in 2009 the extent of my decorating and DIY was limited to arranging furniture and hanging art work and accessories, because I always rented.  I haven’t done much with the new house, yet.  I’ve collected a lot of great pieces and inspiration.  Now I want to make it happen.

I have ideas that I don’t see anywhere else or if I do see them it’s years after I had the idea and just weren’t able to share it or haven’t done the project, yet.  I have learned a lot of skills from my step-dad, grandpa , and mom that I’d like to share and show people how easy it is.  Anyone can do it with a little common sense.

I want to inspire people to GO FOR IT!  Decorating, to me,  isn’t about “keeping up with the Jones'”.  It’s a creative expression using my home and pieces of furniture and accessories.  I want to love my home.  I want to walk in and just let out a great big sigh, because I think it’s so perfect.  You should, too.  Only you know what you like.  Your house should reflect you.  It doesn’t matter what’s “on trend” or what’s everywhere or if it’s been done to death or is so 2013.  If you love it –  DO IT!  It’s up to you.  Don’t do something just because it’s what everyone else is doing.  You’ll end up hating it and re-doing it.  On the other side, don’t hesitate to do something just because no one is doing it or has done it or you haven’t seen it before.

I’m no expert, but I’d like to help people with their design dilemmas and give them advice and help them find their design style.  I’d like to encourage others.  Possibly have people send me pics of their challenges and offer solutions and suggestions.

I’ll write about the H4H process and my experience, the budget friendly updates, upgrades and changes I make to my house.  I may veer off into mental illness, Premature babies, homelessness, and recipes.  We’ll see what kind of mood I’m in.

Eventually, I would like to complete each room in my house, maybe a couple of times.

Teal and Lime has started a free decorating style crash course to help you find your style.  This post isn’t an advertisement for Teal and Lime!  I found it and would like to share with others if they need help.  If anything, it’s interesting reading and watching.  We share the same point of view about how you should decorate your home so it’s gotten me a little excited.  I really like the new direction of her blog.

I really hope you’ll stick around and join in.

Love Candy




    1. Thank you. I didn’t realize you were in MN!! I am already signed up for your video series. Eagerly awaiting video 2! Plus, I’ve used your worksheet and 7 steps to a complete home palette. Very enlightening and makes it so simple. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re super helpful with anyone who asks, either.


  1. Oh man I know the procrastination feeling all too well…but you’re right, having something to blog about is great motivation to finish a project. (Although I always find that I forgot to take “before” pictures…does that happen to you?) Also, I really liked what you said about not following trends and just doing what you love.


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