Polyvore Mood Board for Boho chic Jewel Box Bathroom

One Room Challenge Week 1~Bathroom Facelift

This is my first One Room Challenge.  Not gonna lie, I’m nervous.

If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a bi-annual 6 week event  where 20 PRO Design Bloggers overhaul the room of their choice in 6 weeks.   Some do a clients room, and some do a room of their own.  Unless you’re Naomi from Design Manifest and then you do one for a client, and one of your own…and the client room was a KITCHEN!!  I digress, Linda is gracious enough to give us non pros the opportunity to play along by hosting a link event that anyone with a blog can join.  If you have some time to kill, you should really check out past ORC events!

I am taking on the challenge because my bathroom looks like this:

Builder Basic Bathroom Before Celestial Shower Curtain

Celestial Shower Curtain, Van Gogh Starry NIght Print

Builder Basic Cultured Integrated Sink and Vanity

I’ve done nothing to it since I moved in except hang celestial decor items from my high school bedroom.  Seriously, I’ll show you:

High School Bedroom Celestial

Yes, I used a shower curtain for drapery.

I will be doing this room as inexpensively as possible so I will not be changing any of the permanent fixtures(Countertop/sink, flooring, shower surround, plumbing fixtures).  I will be doing all of the work myself…  with lots of DIYs because that is kind of the whole purpose behind my blog.  Turning my existing builder grade fixtures into fabulousness with little or no money and tons of creativity.

I am super inspired by Reichel @ Copy Cat Chic’s One Room Challenge  Bathroom Reveal:

Copy Cat Chic ORC Reveal

Copy Cat Chic

and this Navy and Coral Eclectic Nursery on Decorpad by House of Honey:

House of Honey Navy and Coral Nursery

House of Honey

So here is the plan:

Basic Bathroom ORC Plan

I plan to do a Sharpie Wallpaper Geometric Pattern on one of the short walls in gold.  Kind of like what I did for my Command Center Walls, but different

Sharpie Wallpaper Tumbling Block Design

That’s what I’m thinking this week, anyway, I know it’ll change.  It’s changed even as I write this post.  It’s ever evolving.

I have 6 weeks to complete everything I have planned.  Which is really only, like, 5 because week 6 is the reveal.  I better start as soon as I hit Publish.  Lots of projects to start and still some things to figure out.

Tune in next Thursday for Week 2 and some more plan details. Hopefully, I’ll have some progress to show you!

Check out what all the main 20 Designer participants are planning!!  And everyone else who is linking up!

Love Candy

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  1. I’m a newbie too and I’m also doing a bathroom. I’ll be sure to stop by and check out the progress! Good luck!


  2. I love that you are jumping in … if it weren’t for the ORC I’d probably never get any work done in my house!! Love your design inspiration and think you need to keep at least one celestial thing … after all, they’ve been with you for a long time!!


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