Builder Grade Vanity Updated

ORC Week 6-Finale

Do you think the word “finally” is so much like “finale” for a reason? I do

If you are new here and want to see it from the beginning you can catch up: Week 1  / Week 2 /  Week 3 /  Week 4 / Week 5

If you aren’t new here, you are probably dying to see if I was able to meld the glam, jewle box style of the nursery with the Boho Chic style of the bathroom….

Here is where we started:

Builder Basic Bathroom Before Celestial Shower Curtain

And here is where we are:

Bathroom After toilet Wall towelhooks

I can’t decide what to hang on this wall…and obvs I didn’t finish the mirror frame, yet.  I’ll definitely have decided on art for that wall by the time the mirror is done.


…but I didn’t want to miss the link party, so I’ll post an update when I finish everything else. Looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t finish 100%, and I really hope I’m not the last one to link up!

Ta Dah

The doors turned out better than I expected!  So pleased with them!

Art Deco Inspired Door Detail and Sharpie Wallpaper

An overview of the ceiling:

Greek Key Ceiling Design in Coral

And a few more pics…

Vintage Chrome Sconce Light , Art Deco Design on Ceiling and Door Polygonal Leopard and Scarab Beetle Art Winged Sphinx Neverending Story Art and Arrow Towel Hooks Sharpie Wallpaper Geometric Designs

The amount of spray paint I used on this re-do should be illegal.  I should buy stock in Rustoleum and Krylon.

I’ll spare you a wordy post of explanations and sources and let you go check out the other linkers…I hope you checked out the talented 20 yesterday, but if you didn’t you should go now. Now, I say!!

I’ll link an update post at the end of this post when I finish the mirror frame and the linen closet…in the interest of keeping it real, I was going to post an in progress pic of it, but I don’t want to spoil all the gorgeousness that is happening with this link party.

And just because everyone loves a good before and after:

Bathroom Before and After Closet Wall Before and After Vanity Before and After Vanity B4 & Aftr Collage

Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you Linda for hosting and all the encouragement!!

Love Candy

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  1. Love it. That ceiling and the walls are so fun and just make this space. What a fabulous bathroom.


    1. Thank you! I am content with what I accomplished…I got all the big things done, anyway! Thanks for creating and hosting this event! With out it, who knows how long it would have taken me to get to this point.


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