Do you know your design style

What’s Your Design Style?

All of the different room transformations from the One Room Challenge got me thinking.  There are so many different styles and so many different people that love each style.  Most of us know whether or not we like something pretty quick.  There is a gut reaction, almost a reflex towards certain styles or items. Like I LOVE Mid Century Modern Style and furniture, and some people just think its “Old”.  I would kill for a big cow/bull skull, and some people find that whole trend disgusting.  You get the idea.  So, I thought I’d put together a few quizzes, in one space, so you can put a label on your style.  Maybe help you get in touch with what you LOVE a little more.

I found these quizzes on Lonny’s website and took them…like 5 times:-) I thought I’d share the links so other people can see how accurate they are.

Lonny My Style Finder Quiz ~ My first result was Regency Regal, which is pretty correct and then I got Mid-Century Classic 2 more times.  When you take it you will see why I took it a few times.  For some of the questions I didn’t have just one option that I loved immediately, so I took it again and chose the other options to see what difference it would make.  Obvs, it made a huge difference.

Now, do you know what your Designer Spirit Animal is.  Is it Miles Redd? Nate Berkus?  Kelly Wearstler?  I got Miles Redd twice, Kelly Wearstler once, Nate Berkus once, and Ryan Korban once.  I, definitely, look for more inspiration from Kelly and Miles, But that Nate is not without his charms…his designs are so clean and classic.  And the stuff he designs for Target??!!

Miles Redd Spirit Animal Results Description

Miles Redd Spirit Animal Quiz Result

You can also take one that will tell you which Ryan Gosling movie house you belong in.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care where he lives.  Yummo! And he loves his dog!  It seems impossible, but that makes him even more sexy to me.

Ryan Gosling on Talk Show Discussing His Dogs Hairstyle

Ryan Gosling and George

Apartment Therapy has a simple one, too.  Are you Happy Modern? Eclectic Collector? Warm Industrial?

Home Goods has this Stylescope quiz. Pretty much as simple as it gets.  I’m Urban Funk with a touch of The Traveler, but I swear I took it before and my result was The Traveler and a touch of something else.

Urban Funk Accessories Example

Urban Funk Looks Like

I think I’m actually a mix of styles.  There are styles I LOVE, and my heart skips a beat whenever I see it, and then there are ones I appreciate.  I enjoy the look, but for someone else.  Jackie @ Teal & Lime does a good job explaining this.

Enough about me, Now go take the quizzes and report your findings.  Are you surprised?  Do you know of any other quizzes out there you’d like to add?

Love Candy


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