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ORC-Fall 2015-Week 2

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I already set a goal to have the dining room in working order for Turkey Day. This challenge will give me the discipline I need!! I hope. Or it may end in spectacular failure. We won’t know for a few more weeks. And, really, I technically have until Thanksgiving to totally complete it, so I’ll try not to beat myself up too bad if everything isn’t done by the 12th.

So, how this is suppose to work is that you are suppose to decorate/redecorate/overhaul(you get the idea) a space in your home in 6 weeks.  Linda@Calling It Home invented and hosts this event twice a year(spring and fall).  The normal schedule is: week 1 would be background and before photos and week 2 would be your inspiration and plans.  Since I missed week 1, I will be cramming both posts into one.  Hope it doesn’t ramble on and on and on and on. Oops, too late.

In the interest of full disclosure: I’m still working on finishing my bathroom from the Spring Challenge.

To give you a better idea: My house is open concept. When you walk in the door you are in the middle of my dining and living rooms.  Living room, dining room and kitchen are all one space.

I’m sure that you have read many a disclaimer advising you to “shield your eyes” before viewing their “ugly” space, but I mean it.  If you are OCD or a clean freak…or even just enjoy an organized space.  Turn Back NOW!!  I am DEAD serious!  These images are going to make you twitch and give you hives.  I almost didn’t tag the photos so the mess couldn’t be traced back to me.

***:::You Have Been Warned:::***

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Breakfast Bar dining Room from Living Room

HA!!  I bet you thought I was being dramatic! Nope.

Don’t call child welfare.  It’s just stuff.  Decorative items mostly. It isn’t covering a roach hive or dead, smooshed cats and kittens.

I do feel that an explanation, not excuse, explanation…well maybe kinda an excuse, is in order.  No, I did not just move in, either.  Obviously I have been using it as storage.  You can spot some lamp shades(there are even lamps under some), boxes, and a lot of stuff under that.  It happened in layers.  I don’t have a basement or garage to store a lot of this stuff.  My shed is full and the attic access is not very big.

Attic Access Originally

I do have a storage unit, but it is full.  No, not with my stuff.  At the risk of getting too personal, a friend’s house was being foreclosed, and had no where to go, and I had just rented the storage for my own hoarding tendencies and Craigslist finds, so I let them put their entire house in there.  So, stuff started accumulating in the dining room.  But it ends NOW!! I am super embarrassed, and actually thought about straightening it up before photographing it, but that just wouldn’t be authentic.  I’d feel like I was lying to you. Most pictures you need to stage, but I feel like the worse the Before the BETTER the After!  Plus, the straightening and de-cluttering is going to make for some great progress post pictures as I get going!

There is no budget for this project.  I have everything, I just need to put it together.  I’ll explain what is going on now:

The back wall is Dark Coalmine by Color Place in Flat.  It was a gallon in the Oops section at WalMart.  The remaining wall and ceiling is/will be Clark & Kensington Designer White(like the rest of my house).

The lights are Tom Dixon knock offs I bought off eBay way back here, when I wrote about it, and inspiration for my dining room(Yup, that’s how long this has been in the works. Yikes).  You get a really good idea of what a vanilla color the walls use to be before they were Dark Coalmine:

Easy Light Update for Dining Room

And what the original light fixture looked like:

Basic Builder Light in Dining Room

So my plan is:

  • Clean, sort, organize, sell, donate, de-clutter, list packing materials for free on CL,
  • set of shelves my cousin made go to my mom’s
  • rearrange existing storage unit
  • dresser, existing dining table, chairs, lamps, Rubbermaid bins, etc.. into storage
  • New Ballast for Fish Tank or new light hood
  • Build stand for fish tank
    • move tank off counter onto stand
  • Finish Painting ceiling and long wall Designer White
  • recover chair cushions(?), and barstools to coordinate
  • window coverings(?)
  • move mid century record cabinet in and set up  with bar ware
  • Decide which dining chairs and table to use, or which to mix

Need to source:

  • Larger Storage Unit
  • barstools?
  • rug
  • supplies for fish tank stand/room divider
  • supplies for shelves within window frame for plants
  • supplies for hanging plant holders

I don’t have much wall space, so finding things for wall décor won’t be a problem.

I have more dining room chairs and sets than any human should ever possess, but they were such great deals I could not pass them up!!

Options for chairs:

First up are these Scandanavian Beauties that I blogged about here and here:

Scandinavian Teak Chairs

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen my other options already, but if you don’t, there are These Thonet like Brass Beauties

Thonet Inspired Brass Dining Arm Chairs


or These Lane Perception(the seats are covered with a black microfiber)

Lane Perception Dining Chair

via Pinterest

Those are not pics of MY chairs, but close substitutions until I can get pics of mine.

The table will be like this one:

Teak Mid Century Danish Expandable Table with Round Legs

I don’t really have a plan or a beautiful inspiration image to duplicate.  I have a space, and a whole lot of things I LOVE, to fill it with.  However, here are some of my favorite images from my dining room Pinterest board:

It’s really pretty straight forward.  It’s a dining room.  No tricky situations to figure out or special projects planned, YET!

If you want to see some people who are NOT doomed to fail, and won’t be appearing on an episode of “Hoarders: Buried Alive”, head on over to Calling It Home for the other Guest Participant’s Week 2 installments.  OR Start at the beginning and catch up:

Week 1: Invited Participants

Week 1: Guest Participants

Week 2: Invited Participants

Week 2: Guest Participants

In heading over there to get the right links I noticed that Week 1 had 178 entries, while Week 2 is only at 170.  Does that mean I am not the only one linking up late?  I hope so.

Thank you for checking out my mess!!  It can only get better, right?  I think FEMA would consider it a disaster area.

Love Candy


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